Berks County, Pennsylvania

Construction Permits
Administrative fee is determined by the value of work being done:

VALUATION              %                 FEE

$0 to $999               Flat Rate     $15.00

Up to $9,999            1.50%          $150.00

Up to $99,999          1.25%          $1,275.00

Up to $999,999        1.00%           $10,275.00

Up to $9,999,999      0.75%          $77,775.00

Up to $99,999,999     0.50%         $527,775.00

*Inspection fees and plan review are NOT included in the permit/administration fee and are to be determined at time of plan submission depending on type and number of inspections required.
*Please note: Inspections required as a result of noncompliance or missed appointments will be billed to the property owner at the cost of $35.00 or two (2) times the billed cost from the contracted inspection agency. Failure to abide by stop work orders may result in fines of $100/day, billed to the property owner.

Driveway/Sidewalk/Curbing/Paving Permits
Driveway Permit $75.00
Curb/Sidewalk Permit $75.00
Paving Plan (not requiring engineered storm management review) $500.00
Each Additional Inspection $20.00
*Please note: Line and grade may be required by Building Code Official at the applicant’s expense.

Zoning Permits
Residential          $50.00
Commercial        $100.00

Zoning permits are required for signs, sheds, fences, pools, additions, etc.

Sewer Regulations $30.00
Zoning Ordinance & Map $25.00
Occupancy Permit (Resident) $25.00
Occupancy Permit (Non Residential) $50.00
Variance/Special Exception Application $750.00

Zoning Conditional Use Application $750.00
Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance $25.00
1-2 Lot Development, SALDO Application Fee
3-4 Lot Development, SALDO Application Fee
5 Plus Lot Development, SALDO Application Fee
*Please note: All costs exceeding SALDO application fees are the responsibility of the developer/owner.

Tap-In Fees
Water   $3,000.00/EDU
*Authority will install. Cost of materials and labor will be billed in addition to tap-in fee. EDU calculated as 166 GPD.
Sewer   $3,000.00/EDU
*Authority does not install. EDU calculated as 230 GPD.

Occupational Privilege Tax (LST)
Employers payment on behalf of employees (January 1st to April 30th)
Employee (Individual) payment (January 1st to April 30th)
Flat Rate(May 1st to June 30th)
Flat Rate + Penalty(July 1st to December 31st)
Flat Rate + Penalty + Interest
(anytime after first year)

Miscellaneous Items
Trash Collection
$143.00/unit/6 months

Billed to property owner in January and July.

Bicycle Registration
(Obtained in the Police Department)

Handicap/Senior Citizen Dog License

Spayed/Neutered Dogs
Handicap/Senior Citizen Dog License
NOT Spayed/Neutered Dogs

General Dog License

Spayed/Neutered Dogs               
General Dog License

NOT Spayed/Neutered Dogs

Solicitation Permit

Large Map + Postage
$3.00 + postage (if mailed)

$0.25 each

Double Sided Copy
$0.40 each

Research Time

Junk Car Permit
(Non-Renewable, Expires After 3 Months)

Parking Tickets

$40.00 effective 1/01/2018