Berks County, Pennsylvania


Street Sweeping will begin on Friday, April 2nd and continue through Friday, December 3rd.

Click here for a printable 2021 Program Schedule
Program signs are legally posted in all affected areas. Any person who is in violation during this time period will be issued a parking ticket, carrying an initial fine of $40.00. The Hamburg Police Department will actively patrol these locations.

First Friday of Every Month
East side of 3rd Street - West side of 4th Street - South side of State Street

Third Friday of Every Month
West side of 3rd Street - East side of 4th Street - North side of State Street‚Äč                                                    

The following streets or highways or portions of streets or highways within the Borough are hereby designated as Snow Emergency Routes:

STREET                                BETWEEN                                                                  
CENTER STREET                                      Confer Street and Quince Alley
CONFER STREET                                      North Fourth Street and North Fifth Street
FOURTH STREET                                      Route 61 and the Cloverleaf on Interstate 78
FRANKLIN STREET                                    State Street and North Fourth Street  
GRAND STREET                                        Second Street to Fourth Street
GRANDVIEW TERRACE                              Arthur to Catherine - West Side only
PORT CLINTON AVENUE                           William Street and North Fourth Street
STATE STREET                                         Western Borough Line and the Eastern Borough Line
THIRD STREET                                          Port Clinton Avenue and 700 South Fourth Street
WASHINGTON STREET                              Second Street to Third Street
WINDSOR STREET                                     Fourth Street to Fifth Street - both sides